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“How I Discovered A Weird break Through Formula That Harmlessly ‘Hacked’ Into My Skin’s Chemistry, Treated It Internally and Externally… And Ended My Severe Acne In 4 weeks Naturally!”

I’m Caitlin, 28 years. I suffered from acne since I was 13. But now, I feel like a million bucks.

You see, before now, I’ve had tough times with my acne for about 15 years. When I first started having acne, it was just a few pimples here and there and it wouldn’t bother me. But after about 2 years, things just spiraled out of control completely.

I had everything from large cysts to persistent acne “bumps” under my skin. My whole face is literally covered in different sizes of zits, reoccurring spots and scars from previous ones that no matter what I do or what medication I receive they don’t go away…

“…not one patch of clear skin”

My face was so painful. I had oozing sores and rough dark scabs on my chin by my mouth that I couldn’t cover. And I even had an obsessive compulsive disorder that made me want to pick my face for hours in the mirror.

I would pick at them at school, in the bathroom while feeling utter shame and disgust and even more so when my friends couldn’t hide their horror.

I hated the mirror, ‘cos looking in the mirror was painful, and cleaning my face with my hands was awful because all I can feel the bumps.

The only one place I felt good with others was a room where there was no blaze. And just hated when others open curtains, then there appeared the light. In short, I hated rooms where there is a lot of light.

“I changed everything in my life to hopefully get rid of acne”

I had to pass up on another delicious meal because of how I thought it would affect my skin, that and my mom often cooked with a lot of artificial flavors and stuff and I didn’t trust those and so that sort of excluded me from eating a lot of really tasty foods which made me sad and frustrated.

What made it even worse was that I’m a girl, and I saw even boys my age that had gorgeous skin and this completely freaked me out. I constantly worried about what people thought, especially boys, and I imagine them thinking that I’m disgusting for taking such bad care of myself.

It even came to the point where I also freaked out if anyone touched or even came near my face. If anyone touched my skin, I couldn’t see how they could do it without running to wash their hands.

I dropped out of college because of the embarrassment of going in and facing people everyday who were clearly noticing my face and even commenting on it sometimes.

“I suffered from anxiety and depression and sometimes had suicidal thoughts.”

I didn’t spend time with friends because I looked at them with their clear face and feel ashamed of mine. Whenever I looked at someone with clear skin I wondered why they have it and I don’t.

I couldn’t watch TV without looking at a person’s face and being envious if they had clear skin, I always walked with my head down.

What made it worse was that I put everything I could into trying to stop it…

  • I dieted right… I believe I did,
  • Drank ridiculous amounts of water,
  • I washed my face with moisturizer twice a day, and
  • I don’t drink,

“I tried every remedy from laser treatment to lemon juice… nothing worked.”

But rather, every other day, I had 2 or 3 new cysts that stood out from a mile away that caused me pain physically and emotionally.

Till the age of 27, I didn’t have any boyfriend. I went over to social media to make some. I uploaded highly enhanced and photo-edited pictures of mine, which I did with a phone’s app just so my acne won’t be so obvious on social media.

And somehow, I got into a boy. We were getting along well. And he seemed to like my personality and spending some hours chatting and flirting with me. I was enjoying this until what I dreaded happened…

“…he decided he’d love to see me.”

This was the point where I decided I had to get rid of this acne no matter what it takes. I started doing damn hard researching that my mum thought I was insane.

During my research, I found a forum, where some people were sharing their success stories with acne and what measures they took to overcame theirs.

I figured I had tried most of their remedies and treatments… except for one. Someone wrote about how her dermatologist redeemed her self-esteem and saved her from acne. I quickly contacted her in person and asked her to tell me more.

She told me how her dermatologist gave her a completely original formula that is composed of two key parts…

…a moisturizing cream and an antioxidant supplement.

She also told me that the formula is a comprehensive solution to stubborn acne problems. It works by harmlessly hacking into the skin’s organ and targeting acne from both side of the skin – The Inside, and the Outside.

And that it’s an advanced blend of natural ingredients. An efficient Herbal Supplement that can help rid my body of the toxins and bacteria that have been clogging up my pores. Once my pores begin to breathe a little better, the formula solution can clear the dirt and debris from deep inside the skin’s surface.

“She told me this formula was what cleared her acne completely.”

I begged her to tell me where to get the formula. She didn’t hesitate. I was, though a little skeptic, but I couldn’t wait to see if this thing would work for me.

I called up her dermatologist, and I placed an order. After few days, my formula arrived. I applied the formula as instructed for two days. And the following morning, it wasn’t what I was expecting at all.

My face was a total disaster.

I had a terrible outbreak I’ve ever had in my life… at least so I thought.

I had to get in touch with the Dermatologist that recommended the formula. He explained to me that the formula was in action. That I should stay calm and keep at it. This is supposed to mean that the formula had started its work.

Fast forward to about 4 weeks, it was like a miracle. My face almost looked like I never had a zit on it. I never had any breakout since then. And the best part is that…

“…there were no side effects, unlike other chemicals I used.”

This is why, ever since, I’ve always felt like a million bucks. Which brings me to the reason why I’m writing this letter. I know I’m not the only one going through this, taken from the loads of horrible acne stories and experiences people share on the internet and forums.

I came across a number of them as I was researching. So I decided it will be unfair of me to not to spread this amazingly effective acne formula to the world.

And guess what? The company that produces this formula is willing to prove to you how so effective the product is. They are willing to do so by sending you FREE trial bottle just so you know how powerful the formula is.

I also learnt that the supply is actually limited. So I’d recommend you click here to claim your FREE bottle NOW, get your confidence back and eliminate the root causes of acne naturally with no side effects.